Personalized room fragrances in unique fragrances.

the passion and research Il Giardino Fiorito creates unusual and unique fragrances of their kind, giving each of them a different mark.
That was more than 25 years ago in a small workshop in the south of Italy, hotbed of stimuli and perfumes, with a painstaking alchemy of olfactory pyramid, selected first by fruit fragrances extracted materials, flowers, oils and resins to create fragrances that pervaded the ‘environment in a selective and persistent way giving life to the whole Italian excellence in the full respect of nature.

Il Giardino Fiorito produces a selection of diffusers with bamboo sticks in precious, catalytic lamps, and even spray fresheners for the car, all the timeless notes to give unusual atmosphere and great hospitality and sophistication.

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Il Giardino Fiorito provides customized air fresheners in unique fragrances of your choice

Room diffusers with sticks

Quality line that fascinates and welcomes guests in an instant, giving an atmosphere of great unusual and refined hospitality, a world of fragrant notes that thanks to their high concentration communicate a serene well-being through the sense of smell

Catalytic lamps

Thanks to an exclusive high-temperature catalytic combustion process, the catalytic lamp is able to destroy the harmful molecules that hide behind unpleasant odors (tobacco, food, bad smells) stops the proliferation of bacteria and germs, deodorises and perfumes along the environments.

Classic linea spray

From traditional lines and classic fragrances such as noble vanilla, full-bodied grapes and blueberries to robust white musk. Il Giardino Fiorito has selected the highest quality raw materials to create timeless fragrances.

The decanter

A room diffuser with an extraordinary design of the classic glass decanter; through its particular shape enlarged in the bottom and narrow in the neck, it allows the fragrances to spread in the best way in the environment.


Il Giardino Fiorito is present with its products at the biggest European fairs.


Dal 6 al 10 settembre 2019 | PADIGLIONE 5A – STAND F76/G75


Dal 13 al 16 settembre 2019 | PADIGLIONE 24 – STAND A21/B22

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